Monday, March 11, 2013

Maine Quilt Shop Hop

What is Maine Quilt Shop Hop?
Maine Quilt Shop Hop is an annual event in the State of Maine.   Participating Independent Quilt Shops invite "Shop Hoppers" to pick up a passport at any of the stores to start the hop, then visit as many stores as you can between April 1st and April 30.  You have your Passport stamped at each shop you visit. It's a great way to see beautiful Maine during glorious springtime, and have a chance at winning some of the up to $15,000.00 in prizes!  Bring the family, bring your friends.  Over the years the Shop Hop has grown, and each year we see more and more people, not only from Maine but from states throughout our great country.  It's a really fun event.  We look forward to seeing you in April!

A Charming Idea

Shop Hoppers receive a FREE 5" Charm square of the Shop Hop Theme Fabric.  Collect them all to use for the exclusive Shop Hop project, or a design of your own.  For 2013 each hopper will receive a Charm Square, courtesy of Fabri-Quilt.

Your Exclusive Pattern
A free, downloadable pattern is designed exclusively for Maine Quilt Shop Hop each year, and available for a limited time to shop-hoppers.  In 2013 the pattern has been designed by Portland's own Auntie's Two. 

Fun for All Ages
Children ages 7-17 can hop too, using a Children's Passport.

Not a Quilter? No Problem
Have someone driving you around? "Chauffeurs" can enter their own prize drawing for a Chauffer Prize!

Prizes? How about $15,000.00 worth in 2013!
Lots of prizes with different levels for visiting all shops or some shops!   In 2012, the total prize tally exceeded $14,000.00!

Challenge Quilts & Voting
Every shop makes a quilt using common fabrics from that year's theme.  As you travel to each shop, please take a look at their Challenge Quilt and vote for your favorite (the ballot is on the passport).  All the challenge quilts will be available to view at Maine Quilts 2013 at the Augusta Civic Center.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Put-it

I just received this fantastic endorsement for my product the Puts-it and want to share. Please share with your sewing/crafting and quilting friends.

I just need to thank you for making the “Puts-it” available to quilters.  I have rheumatoid arthritis and always have such difficulty putting the needle in my sewing machine or serger. A friend gave me the Puts-it the other day after she had found it on the internet!  What a God send!  I just changed my needle with no problem in a couple of minutes!!!!  I think it would be a great idea to advertise your Puts-it in some of the Arthritis Magazine and even let the Arthritis Foundation know about it.  There are many of us, who have such dexterity problems, I’m sure they would be interested!  Thanks again, Linda S
Thank you again and Happy Holidays
Happy Sewing

The Hump Jump Lady

Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Hump Jumper Teaching Video

Please watch my video to learn the various uses of the Hump Jumper. The sewing notion that helps solve such frustrating sewing problems from sewing over bulky seams to keeping delicate fabrics out of the feed dog.

Please send your tips and comments to and visit her website

Happy Sewing

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Puts-itä


The Puts-itä referred to by many crafter, quilter, and/or sewer as part of their hand or creatively “their third hand” has become one of the most important sewing notions in their notion box. Once introduced into your notion box, you will discover this multi-use tool helps manipulate seams and fabrics. Shaped to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand, arthritic fingers will find it easy and fun to use.

The Puts-itä has two very important features: the squared tapered end, 3/8” in width, fits under the front of the presser foot for controlling run away gathers and pleats, is ideal for controlling corners when machine quilting and appliquéing, easily lifts out bobbins, and the perfect notion for making a quick, easy crease.  For those interested in Heirloom machine stitching, the non-snag tapered end safely holds slippery ribbons, delicate lace, and fabric together while stitching. 

The Puts-itä perfect for Heirloom Stitching 
The opposite end of the Puts-itä has a no-snag tip ideal for turning out collar points and stuffing tiny areas.  There is also a tapered needle hole for inserting a conventional or serger needle into the machine while the needle clamp screw is tightened.

The Puts-itä is the perfect notion for controlling, placing and tracing.  Add it to your notion box, right next to the Hump Jumperâ and Buttonhole Busterä, you will have all the sewing notions that solve such frustrating problems! The Puts-itâ, your multi-use sewing notion!

Happy Sewing,

SN Designs Co – the inventor of the essential sewing tools that solve such frustrating problems

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Buttonhole Busterä
What is the Buttonhole Busterä and what is it for?  The Buttonhole Busterä is another problem solving invention from the SN Designs Co, the small company that invented the Original, One and Only Hump Jumperâ and the quilter’s third hand, the Puts-itä: the sewing notions that solve such frustrating problems.  The Buttonhole Busterä is the solution for sewing buttonholes in those impossible places: collar bands, narrow cuffs, and areas with lumpy, bumpy seams such as thick seam allowances in small places.

The bi-level bottom of the Buttonhole Busterä is its creative feature:  the unique bottom allows the presser foot to fit snugly where thick seams cause the general purpose or buttonhole foot to sit unbalanced.  Narrow pattern pieces such as collars and neck bands are examples of where seam allowances cause the presser foot to wobble due to uneven thickness.

Using the general purpose, lower the presser foot into the grooved out section of the Buttonhole Busterä, between the long front feet, and continue sewing the buttonhole.  The grooved out area holds the presser foot in place Use the metric/inch measures to gauge uttonhole length.  Placing interfacing between the fashion fabric and the facing will help insure perfect buttonholes in impossible places.  To assist with sewing buttons with shanks, use the keyhole opening on the opposite end of the foot. 

The Buttonhole Busterä is designed to help make better buttonholes.  Remember; before you start your buttonhole make sure you complete the prep work: placement, measurement, interfacing, and double check buttonhole length with circumference and diameter of the chosen button.

The Buttonhole Busterä is the perfect tool for your hard to sew buttonholes.  Adding it to the notion box, right next to the Hump Jumperâ and Puts-itä, you will have all the sewing notions that solve such frustrating problems!  Hint - use a piece of Velcro to attach it to your sewing machine, right next to your The Hump Jumper® - you’ll always have it handy!

Happy Sewing,

SN Designs Co – the inventor of the essential sewing tools that solve such frustrating problems

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hump Jumperâ - the original one and only

The Hump Jumperâ, the bright yellow sewing notion with the catchy odd name, has been solving the frustration of stitching over “humps” – those places were varying thickness of fabric can throw a perfectly good seam out of line.  Sandy, owner of the SN Designs Co, invented the one and only Hump Jumperâ, still the only sewing tool for solving such frustrating sewing problems. 

The “hump” frustration is created when the presser foot is tilted out of the required horizontal position necessary for a smooth, even feed.  When the Hump Jumperâ is placed under the back of the presser foot, abutting the “hump,” the back of the presser foot is lifted keeping the presser foot horizontal allowing for an even, continuous feed without any skipped stitches.  Sewers know “humps:” a zipper at the bodice, belt loops, pants hems, drapery and craft projects, etc.

A bent piece of yellow plastic, the Hump Jumperâ is available in two thicknesses, 1/16th and 1/8th, perfect for solving frustrating problems like corners:  stitch to the corner, lift the presser foot, keeping the needle down, rotate the fabric 900, place the 1/16th under the presser foot, drop the foot and continue to stitch, sewing a perfect corner.  When attempting a bulky spot is at the beginning of a seam, place the 1/8th Hump Jumperâ under the presser foot on top of fabric with the needle down, lower the foot, and sew. This step will work with seam starts of sheer fabric using the 1/16th to stop “bunching up” at fabrics' edge, and the bulky spot when beginning to sew a patch pocket; just put the Hump Jumperâ under the presser foot before you start sew.

The Hump Jumperâ, the one and only sewing notion getting you over the “hump”.  Adding it to your notion box, right next to your Buttonhole Busterä and Puts-itä, you will have all the sewing notions that solve such frustrating problems!  Hint – use a piece of Velcro to attach it to your sewing machine, right next to your Buttonhole Busterä, they will always be handy when you need them!

The Hump Jumperâ, the original sewing notion of SN Designs Co, the company solving your frustrating sewing problems with the Hump Jumperâ,  the Puts-itä and the Buttonhole Busterä. 

Happy Sewing,

SN Designs Co – the inventor of the essential sewing tools that solve such frustrating problems

Monday, November 28, 2011

The Sewing Notions that Solve such Frustrating Problems!

SN Designs Co invented the original, one and only Hump Jumperâ in 1989, the Puts-itä in 1991 and the Buttonhole Busterä in 1997 to solve those frustrating sewing products. These products are available both nationally and internationally from your favorite fabric store, on-line sewing notion source or by contacting SN Designs Co directly.  

The Hump Jumper® – Sew Clever!
The Hump Jumper® solves the problem created when a “hump” tilts the presser foot out of the required horizontal position for a smooth even feed.

The Hump Jumperâ idea originated when Sandy had a couture bridal shop in Beverly, Massachusetts.  Finding it frustrating to sew many layers of fabric with even straight stitches, she decided to invent something because sticking paper, wads of material, or whatever under the back of the presser foot was not the solution to her frustration.

Sewing since the age of four, Sandy knew if she needed this great idea, then every sewer in the world needed one.  The hardest part in the process was finding a mold maker that would make the injection mold and then convince them to create a mold to her specifications when they had no idea how to sew. Through a process of Show and Tell, the mold was finally made by a lady’s high-heel shoe manufacturer. When the orders started pouring in and the Hump Jumperâ  started moving out their door, the mold-maker nicknamed Sandy “The Hump Jump Lady.” The name has stuck with her.

The Puts-it™ - Sew Useful!
The Puts-it™ is the perfect notion for manipulating seams and fabrics: shaped to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand it's perfect for arthritic fingers.

The Puts-itä, if you use your imagination, you will see one end is the shape of a flat head screwdriver and the other, the tip of a pencil.  Yes, her corners have been turned with a pencil. Sewers understand there are no mistakes - just bits of added lace or trim! The screwdriver was used to control lace, ruffles, and gathers under the presser foot.  How many needles were broken! Now you have the Puts-itä, your third hand.

The Buttonhole Buster™ – Sew Simple!
The Buttonhole Buster™ with its rounded bi-level bottom allows the presser foot to sit snugly where seam allowances cause the general purpose foot or buttonhole foot to sit uneven.

The Buttonhole Busterä was requested by a friend who just could not sew proper buttonholes in collars or waistbands because of seam allowance. The Buttonhole Busterä, with its patented bi-level bottom, solves the problem of the presser foot not fitting in uneven places.
As a Fashion Design Professor, many of Sandy’s students also experienced these problems so she decided to find a solution for these Frustrating Sewing Problems. The solution:
The Hump Jumperâ, The Puts-itäand The Buttonhole Busterä.

Happy Sewing,

If you would like to comment, please feel free to contact Sandy at or 617.803.7868

SN Designs Co – the inventor of the essential sewing notions that solve such frustrating problems